Monday, 25 July 2011

Lithuania is the Age Of The Train.....

More from the latest Eurobarometer survey from the European Commission on our near neighbour's attitudes to their rail services.
All 25 members were surveyed (Cyprus & Malta don't have rail networks) with the Lithuanians seemingly most content with the offering on the tracks overall. Only 5% of those questioned were unhappy with the ease of buying tickets, for example.
Lithuania again came top of the tree when asked about satisfaction with the frequency of their rail services - 87% satisfied (against 10% dissatisfied).
Interestingly, it's the Poles who appear most unhappy with their lot.
51% of Poles are unhappy with the frequency of their services and nearly half of those surveyed (47%) aren't happy with the seating arrangements. (15% of us Brits had the same gripe).
The Germans and the Austrians are the most unhappy with the ease of buying tickets. Whereas only 5% of Lithuanians aren't happy about this, this rises to 42% and 33% respectively.
The UK is above average in 17 of the 19 aspects of the research.
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