Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wot No Bacon?

First Class on Cross Country this morning, and the small leaflet on the table appears to tempt my taste-buds with a bacon roll - served to my seat.
But of course, this is Saturday. I'm not entirely sure why Saturday precludes bacon on Cross Country, but in the event of my empty stomach rumbling on an ever-increasing decibel level, I scan the small print. Such delicacies are only on offer to weekday travellers.
Instead, I am afforded a (small) bottle of sparkling water as my only memoir of my increased premium.
Indeed, the ubiquitous trolley appears an hour later - it would seem the standard class had their option for eats first.....

1 comment:

  1. The trolley is indeed a fickle feature of a Cross Country journey. I used he service twice last week and in one direction no sign at all but a suspicion that the beast was present but in its lair in Coach F receiving visitors. Yet on the way back a cheery and regular patrol. Sadly the selection is a bit limited for those of us in steerage - almost all snack type purvey of crisps and chocolate bars.

    Occasionally a real famine hits, when a trolley goes off the Edinburgh (or further North) train at Leeds, and one finds great popularity if you have spare cartons of orange juice.....or cans of stronger stuff.