Friday, 26 July 2013

The Necessity to Shock?

Am I the only one to find the "real-time" footage of the Spanish train crash both sickening and, frankly, unnecessary?
It is bad enough seeing images of carriages on their sides but I guess this helps to create the gravity of the story, unpleasant as that may be.
However I am somewhat sickened to see the wide use in the media of the security camera footage that captures the entire episode in all of its horror. What is the need for this?
I accept that media outlets are in some sort of "arms race" to get the best footage of any event, but I struggle to understand what "benefit" we get from this particular footage. If anything, in my view, it looks like something from an action movie, and I regret looking at it, because in my view adds nothing to my understanding of the story.
Out of respect for those who lost their lives in this awful event, I am only sorry that I, like many others, clicked on it.
Were the media too quick to show such horrendous scenes?
My thoughts are with those who lost their lives and their relatives and friends.

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